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About Central Bark

Central Bark is the premier doggy day care, pet hotel, groomers, dog training school and exclusive pet shop in Auckland.  Conveniently located in Parnell, this is your one-stop luxury pet care facility.

Our top priority is to provide a safe, comfortable, fun, happy and enriching environment for your pet.  Always treating them with the kindness, love and respect they deserve.

We are a far cry from traditional dog boarding kennels and catteries in Auckland, our facility has been custom built with your pets’ safety, comfort and enjoyment in mind… a home away from home for your precious furry family members.


The Central Bark dream came from a lifetime of owning and loving cats & dogs.  Doggy day care was the most amazing concept imaginable to us and we truly embraced it from the start.  When dropping our dogs off, it made us so happy to see them excited for a day playing with their human and doggy friends, and the come home exhausted after an enriched day.  I really wished I could be a part of this amazing, positive environment that has helped so many dogs and their owners and felt Parnell would be the perfect central location for myself and others.

Our search for the perfect doggy day care building started in 2013 and took 4 years to become a reality.  During our research it became clear that there was also a need for a high-end pet hotel for dogs and cats that was close to the city.  We believed we could take pet care (dog boarding kennels, doggy day care, and cattery facilities) to the next level and look after pets the way we would want our own precious four-legged family members to be looked after.

After visiting top pet care facilities in the USA, Australia, and New Zealand, we dreamt up amazing, luxurious designs to include every creature-comfort we would want our own pets to experience to build this world class facility.

This dream has come from a genuine passion and love for animals and a desire to look after them to the absolute best of our ability.  Animals welfare and happiness will always be our number one priority at Central Bark.


Central Bark believes that pet care and training should ALWAYS be free of fear and pain.  Animal Welfare comes above all else at Central Bark, which provides a safe and fun environment for your pet.  Our Animal Care Co-ordinators are trained in science-based positive reinforcement methods to reward your pet with treats, love and/or affection to encourage appropriate and positive socialisation.

Our Animal Carer’s are all trained in low-stress, positive reinforcement handling pets in our care.  Central Bark proactively monitors all pets within our state of the art, modern facility 24 hours a day to ensure honesty, compassion and knowledge for you, your pet and their on-going care.  We can assure that your pet will ALWAYS be treated as if they were our own at our luxury doggy day care and pet hotel at Central Bark in Auckland.


  • Behaviour

    Central Bark believes that pet care and training should ALWAYS be free of fear and pain.  Our Animal Care Co-Ordinators are experienced in reading behaviour in both dogs and cats and so are able to identify if an animal is enjoying itself or is feeling stressed.  We always provide honest feedback with our clients about their pets behaviour during their stay with us and give advice or offer help if where we can!  Dogs socialising at Central Bark are only allowed to engage in mutual physical or mouth play with other dogs.  Rough or aggressive behaviour cannot exist in our day care environment.

  • Bookings & Cancellations
    • Please note that bookings are not secured until payment in full has been received.  Bookings will be held for 48 hours before being released if payment is not received.
    • Cancellations made within 30 days of the booking commencing date, will not be entitled to a refund.
    • Cancellations made with 30 days or more notice from the booking commencement date, will receive a credit for all but a 25% cancellation fee of the total amount paid.  This credit will be valid for 90 days and can be used for hotel, daycare and grooming services.
    • A “change of date” fee of $25.00 applies each time an amendment is made.  If you are reducing the length of your stay, please refer to the cancellation timeframes.
    • Please note that compulsory assessment days apply for all new clients, including hotel guests.
    • We do not accept pets with stitches, cones or that are unwell. Please check that we are able to administer any required medication prior to booking.
    • Pets over the age of 6 months, must be desexed.
    • Please note that there if you are dropping your pet off early or picking up late, that a half day of daycare is applied.
    • We do not offer an after hours pick up service.  If you are unable to pick up your pet prior to closing, please advise at your earliest convenience and we can book them in for an additional overnight stay.
    • All add on charges need to be settled at check out or prior.  We do not offer a pay by invoice option.
    • Over school holidays we have a minimum stay of 7 nights.
    • For all peak periods (public holidays and school holidays), there is a surcharge per day.  Please contact for further information regarding exact dates.
  • Can I bring in my pets favourite things?

    Please do! There is nothing nicer than going to your home away from home with some of your creature comforts.  We love when pets come to stay and they get to have their favourite toy or blanket to help settle them in.  Please make sure you clearly label any of your pet’s belongings.

  • Can I bring my pets own food for them to eat?

    Yes, we provide high quality dry food for the pets staying our hotel, however if they have a special diet or allergies it is important that the owner provides their own food to avoid flare ups.  Other than treats, we do not feed our daycare dogs, but you are welcome to bring along their lunch or a snack if you like!

  • Can I check on my pet while they are at Central Bark?

    Of course!  We welcome people to get in touch with us if they ever need to check in or ask another question.  Daily reports are available on request and we ensure you we will fill you in on any cute moments they have had during their day or stay with us and often, you will find gorgeous photos of your furry family member on our Facebook and Instagram when they come to play.

  • Can I view Central Bark in its entirety before I bring my pet?

    You are more than welcome to come have a tour of our beautiful purpose-built facility.  We may not be able to take you through on a weekday during busy day care days as that can be far too stimulating for our canine friends but please call to book an appointment at a time that suits you.  We are open on Saturday mornings for non-appointment viewings also.

  • Do you have a pet taxi service?

    Not yet, but please do let us know if you would be interested in this service, as we are looking at offering it in the future.

  • Toilet Talk

    This building was designed for your animal’s comfort.  This means they may toilet in here in dedicated toileting areas.  All eliminations are cleaned and sanitised straight away.  Do not be embarrassed if your dog has an accident inside our reception or if your cat has had an accident in its cat cage on the way to the hotel, we will get them cleaned up straight away and they can go off and enjoy their time with us.

    If you have a puppy that you are in the process of toilet training and you start coming to Central Bark where they can toilet indoors, we recommend making sure you step the training back up at home so that they are still clear on the house rules you are setting.

  • What are the health requirements my pet must meet so they can come to Central Bark?

    All dogs and cats wanting to come to Central Bark must be up to date with all their vaccinations.  If they are over 6 months of age, they will need to be de-sexed.

  • What experience do the staff have that will be caring for my pet?

    Our staff are experienced and trained in dog and cat care and behaviour.  We pride ourselves on using positive reinforcement for all animals in our care and being able to help enrich their lives through fun training and stimulation.  First Aid qualified staff are onsite for both humans and animals too!

  • What if my pet becomes ill or injured while at Central Bark?

    If your pet becomes ill or injured while in our care we will always notify you as soon as possible.  In the rare case of an emergency, we have first aid qualified staff for animals and we are lucky to be one minute away from The Strand Veterinarian if a serious emergency.  If your pet is boarding and becomes unwell you or your emergency contact would be contacted and vet treatment arranged either with the clients own vet or local Vet at the clients cost.

  • Will Central Bark be able to medicate my pet while they are in their care?

    Our staff are qualified in being able to medicate even the most difficult of pill-takers right through to being able to give injections.  Please notify us if your animal is on medication and provide all medications in their original packaging with the clear written instructions attached.  There is a $2.50 charge per day to administer medications.


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