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Doggy Day Care in Parnell

Central Bark offers the very best in doggy day care in Auckland, looking after your precious pooch 7 days a week. We will give your dog a fun-filled day of supervised play, hanging out and making friends with other dogs and our wonderful Canine Carers. Your dog will enjoy constantly supervised play with other dogs and our experienced staff, they will be entertained, stimulated, cared for, and of course be given a nap when tired.

Your dogs vaccinations (including kennel cough) must be up to date, you must fill out an assessment form for them (link to form below under INQUIRY), and they must pass a initial behavioural assessment to check their suitability for the day care environment. We will give you a full report on this assessment, and if there are any issues endeavor to resolve them with you.


Our state of the art, purpose built dog daycare facility in Auckland offers:

  • Initial assessment will include a one-on-one Animal Care Co-ordinator introducing your dog to the new environment
  • Constant close supervision by experienced, qualified and caring staff
  • 5 large indoor dog parks (for different sizes, energy levels, play styles, etc) including:
    • Big Apple Park
    • Small World
    • Midtown 
  • 10 under cover car parks at our front door
  • Imported doggy grass toileting areas
  • Dogs will be entertained and stimulated with games, toys and training when required
  • Climate control system to keep an even comfortable temperature year round
  • Sophisticated ventilation system which regularly cycles the facilities air to reduce contaminates and airborne illnesses
  • Sprinkler system throughout facility
  • Easy clean drainage system and nonslip, paw friendly flooring
  • Our Animal Care Co-ordinators are trained in science-based positive reinforcement methods to reward your pet with treats (if allowed), love and affection to encourage appropriate and positive socialisation.
  • Central Bark proactively monitors all pets within their care and provides honesty, compassion and knowledge for you, your pet and their ongoing care.
  • We can assure that your pet will ALWAYS be treated as if they were our own at Central Bark.
Miss Pepper callout
Miss Pepper

Miss Pepper and I are so excited about you opening. We live just up the road, and Miss Pepper gets so lonely during the day when we are at work, so having a doggy day care where she can play with human and doggy friends, so close to home (and work in the city), will be absolutely amazing. We can’t wait!

Kristen & Miss Pepper, Parnell


Please use this form for general inquiries or to check availability for the pet hotel.

Filling out this form does not confirm your booking. We aim to get back to you within 3 working days.

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