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Specialist Dog Groomers in Auckland

Our dog groomers are a cut above the rest. Our fantastic Pet Stylist Masami is a fully-qualified dog groomer, with over 10 years’ experience in both New Zealand and Japan.

Masami has an amazingly gentle way with animals, and an absolute eye for detail resulting in beautiful grooming work. Not only is Masami a groomer for dogs, but she can also groom cats, rabbits and guinea pigs. If there is anything you are looking for that is not on our grooming menu, please just ask.


Penny callout

For me finding a groomer who does a decent job has been so difficult. They either haven't listened or just don't understand and have done what they wanted anyway. ------ @centralbarknz is the first place I have come home and not wanted to fix the cut myself. They are now the only place I would consider taking Penny for a groom. Their service and quality are second to none! #doggroom #bichon #lambcut #perfect #groomer #thisplaceisthebest #centralbarknz #parnell #auckland #nzdogs #dogsofauckland

Sophie & Penny


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