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Emily Dustan, our in-house Training Manager, is here to help with all your dog training needs!

Central Bark believes training is as essential to your dog’s wellbeing as having a loving home.  It strengthens your bond and encourages you to get to know each other better.

Along with academic studies achieved, Emily specialises in puppy development, fear reactivity and anxiety in dogs. She has over 16 years practical experience with different species, as well as in various animal related fields, training, and disciplines.

Working closely with various animal welfare organisations in the past 10 years, Emily volunteered at animal clinics for both small and large animals in disadvantaged areas, and still gives pro-bono behavioural advice and assistance to the animal welfare organisations whenever she can. She is still involved with various groups in an advisory capacity and as a temperament evaluator.

As a Certified Behaviour Practitioner and Professional Dog Trainer, Emily previously run a dog training and behaviour centre in South Africa for 11 years before making her move to New Zealand. Emily is a proud member of various prestigious organisations such as the Pet Professional Guild (PPG), Animal Behaviour Consultants of South Africa and a Full member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers New Zealand (APDTNZ).

Emily is dedicated in her field and has a strong passion for all animals. She strongly believes in science based, force free training and has tirelessly campaigned for this cause and has offered practical training courses from her premises in South Africa to aid to produce competent dog training instructors.

You can find Emily here at Central Bark as our Operations Manager where she is involved with all things dog as well as running our training classes. She genuinely loves hearing about your dog and wants to know everything about him so that he is provided with the best possible care and is always happy to help clients achieve their goals with their dogs.

Puppy Preschool:

Have you just got a new puppy? Want to start your lives together on the right track?

We use Positive Reinforcement techniques ensuring your puppy is set up for success and has a gentle and motivational way to learn. Your puppy’s new skills will include coming when called, loose leash walking, impulse control as well as basic obedience, which will ensure you can enjoy having a well-trained, confident and happy dog.

Your puppy will learn to socialise with other puppies in a controlled, fun and safe environment within Central Bark.

We will cover basic care including toilet training, flea treatment, worming, vaccinations, grooming, nail clipping and dental care.

Behaviour advice will be given throughout the course on topics like puppy development, nipping, jumping, chewing, and handling. We want to make sure you have the very best start for your life with your puppy.

Our Puppy Preschool programme is $150 which includes:

  • 1 hour once a week over 4 weeks starting Tuesday 28 July 2020.
  • ½ day of puppy day-care in our puppy park so that your puppy gets the opportunity to play with all the friends he made at school.
  • A play toy.
  • 20% off a 5 x ½ day concession pass to Central Bark.
  • On completion of the course, puppy graduates will receive a graduation certificate.

For information about classes or one on one training, please contact us on call 09 302 2002.




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