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09 302 2002
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Animal Care Supervisor

Cassidy is originally from the United States but has been in New Zealand for nearly two years now!

While in America, she graduated from The University of Cincinnati, earning a double degree in Zoology and Criminal Justice. She has always been extremely passionate about all things animals; especially their wellbeing!

Working with animals, both companion and wildlife, she still finds herself in such awe of dogs! To the point where she is even known amongst friends and family as the crazy dog lady!

“Growing up, I always helped to raise and train my families dogs and eventually became the neighborhood dogsitter. As I got older, I began working in a variety of facilities; including an animal shelter, veterinarian clinic, dog wardon and now doggy daycare + hotel! Being surrounded by dogs is an absolute dream! My parents have temporary custody of my Golden Retriever, Stella, back in the states, so being able to work around so many helps fill the void of not having her by my side whilst I explore this beautiful country!